Engine Measuring

Riders will be randomly selected for engine measuring.

Engines measured will need to be within a 2% cc tolerance of the class limit, competitors whose machines are found to be outside of these tolerances will be disqualified from the championship and all points scored up to that point will be forfeit.

All machines in their standard format must comply with the class requirements prior to any tolerance allowance.

Failure to present your machine for measuring without sufficient reason, as as decided by the MCF, will result in the same penalty for the competitor as a failed test.

All Machines must be in full working order, and have a cover enclosing the front sprocket.

No excessive smoke.

Brakes must work.

Front sprocket covers can be OEM parts or other manufactured parts.


Strictly no riding in the paddock.

Helmet, boots, goggles, gloves, race pants and jersey.

All of the above must be worn additional protection is recommended.

No trainers, No shorts, No t-shirts.


Please make sure that race numbers are clearly displayed on the front number board and side panels of your bikes.

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